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✓ Service Overview:

  • Complete assistance tailored to your business needs, including ITIN application and representation.

✓ Service Tasks:

  • Business Evaluation: Assessing your business activity to select the appropriate ITIN exception.
  • Form Filling: Completing the ITIN form with the correct exception.
  • Document Certification: Certifying all support documents, ITIN, and ID to avoid sending originals.
  • Application Submission: Mailing the ITIN application to the IRS.
  • IRS Representation: Handling and responding to all IRS request letters until you successfully get your ITIN.
  • Case Status Updates: Providing updates on the application’s progress.
  • Guarantee: Offering unlimited re-submission if necessary, ensuring ITIN service completion.

✓ Your requirements:

  • We need your corp or LLC certificate of formation, operating agreement, EIN letter and passport valid copy


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